Stylist Caroline has built up so much experience with personal shopping that she has developed the perfect eye for choosing the clothes and style that accentuate the plus points of each individual and mask any flaws they might have.
“I regularly meet women who are overweight or who have lost an incredible amount of weight and no longer know what style of clothes they should wear. Having a ‘new body’ unavoidably means having to buy other clothes, which requires me to act as a fashion expert and psychologist. I pass on handy camouflage tips and make sure clients wear the right outfit to make them appear slimmer and help get back their self-confidence. It’s fantastic to be able to make people feel happy again and to feel good about themselves.”

Caroline adds that she also works at raising awareness among her clients. “In other words, I teach them how to avoid buying the wrong types of clothes and how to consciously mix and match basic articles to come up with a great end result, as well as to find the accessories that goes best with their clothes. Again, all of this does not have to put a strain on the purse unlike what many people think.”

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