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<p>Twelve years ago</p>

Twelve years ago

Twelve years ago, mums Caroline and Cindy got to know each other through their work. Their business partnership quickly grew to become a close friendship. It is a friendship based on a shared love and passion for everything beautiful that nature has to offer. Accordingly, the two have made it their common goal to protect and support all things whose beauty is endangered. As genuine animal-lovers, Caroline and Cindy focus on animals that are threatened with extinction. And when two impassioned, talented women combine their strengths like this, creating a truly forceful collection that conveys a powerful message becomes a certainty.

‘A Heartbeat for’

‘A Heartbeat’ is a limited edition collection made up of a series of affordable pieces of jewellery. The unmistakable message of ‘WEAR ME, SAVE THEM’ features on all of the items. Using this quote as their credo, the two entrepreneurs aim to create awareness about the rapidly dwindling number of wild animals that often become the victims of unscrupulous trophy-hunters and illegal trading.

So, to fight against these terrible practices, part of the proceeds from the sale of the jewellery and bags will go to the National Park Rescue.

The collection is divided into two themes: Earth and Ocean. That way, while no animal is excluded, there is still room for expansion. At the moment, attention is focused on animals that need protection, but in the longer term, Caroline and Cindy also aim to tackle the issues of climate change and the pollution of our oceans.




Whereas the pieces created in rose and yellow gold stand for wildlife on land, the items made from white gold and silver represent wildlife in the water. Anyone wearing a necklace, bracelet or ring from this collection, literally and figuratively carries the heartbeat of an endangered animal with them. And if you want to add something extra to the piece you buy, there is always the possibility of opting for an item featuring diamonds.

Een Heartbeat juweel: de ideale cadeau te geven tijdens de feestdagen en je steunt een goed doel!

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